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READING books enhances learning skills. Good books are not only informative, but they actually improve your educational results. Set up a goal to read start up books that will help you to prepare for your career.  

If you have Kindle Cloud reader then a good book to read is, The Enterpreneur Business It's a great introduction path into developing your own career and business. (FREE Reading Apps)


Welcome to Students Ratings!
Get great grades for ongoing growth! 

o get great grades at high school classes is very important and the right formula to become super successful. Awareness of direction and a well balanced plan of action coupled to an attitude of a winner are also key traits worth developing to become super successful! 

There is no automatic system that supplies every answer. You gain knowledge and experience from day to day studies, proactive action, and plenty of homework. One slick key to optimize learning activity in high school classes is to become passionate about your goals. Make a concentrated effort from study and practical experiences. Students need to engage in the rage to reach maximum retention levels. 

OF COURSE, you need to see the bigger picture; to understand unquestionably why it is important to enhance studies... You need to work on yourself to develop the kind of traits necessary to study hard to reach maximum retention levels. It is not easy, and yes it is up to you. The best way to do it is your way, so once you uncover the main reason behind the need to improve everything will fall into place...

If you are a student who takes your foot off the accelerator to release the stress, and then find it difficult near impossible to return to full throttle we want to help.
Students Ratings was developed with this in mind to help high school students wishing to improve performance by using new skills to help get great grades and prosper. Students Ratings is a resource that saves time and effort to start on a successful road!

Anti-Stress 1 - Start by taking a few minutes to release the stress and glide into this transition at ease.

  1. Sit or stand in a relaxed position.
  2. Slowly inhale though your nose, counting to five.
  3. Exhale via your mouth, counting to eight as it leaves your lungs. 
Repeat several times. That's it! 

Take the next challenge - Anti-Stress 2    

Improve performance to become super successful. Follow an Attitude of a Winner step by step until you see the bigger picture.